10 Extraordinary “Bucket List” Hotels

Ever traveler has a different idea of what makes a bucket-list worthy vacation. Is it glamping on an African safari or sleeping beneath the Arctic Circle? Others might be craving more of the surreal — like curling up in an actual Birds Nest, bunking inside a hovering UFO or sipping cocktails within a tropical cave. Whatever your fancy, we’ve comprised this list of 10 “bucket list” hotels with something in mind for traveler. After all, life is a journey, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on these unforgettable destinations.

10. Kakslauttanen Arctic Hotel, Finland

Photo: Kakslauttanen Arctic Hotel
Photo: Kakslauttanen Arctic Hotel

Hugging the Arctic Circle in Finland, this truly one-of-a-kind lodge offers a range of accommodation, including temperature-controlled snow igloos, log cabins and glass igloos that offer prime views of the area’s famed northern lights.

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J. Swanson

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