The Coolest New Species of the 21st Century — I Want To Cuddle With #4!

11. Greedo… is real?!

Remember that bounty hunter from Star Wars named Greedo? He was blue-green with large glassy eyes and a smooth, longish snout? Well, his look-alike was recently discovered! In fact, Jonathan Armbruster, a professor and fish curator at Auburn University Museum of Natural History, was struck so strongly by the similarity that he named the fish Peckoltia greedoi. Watch the video and tell us: do you think they look alike?

10. Vampire crabs

These freshwater crabs communicate with color, are less than an inch wide, and are popular as pets. While these vibrant creatures do hunt at twilight and have glowing yellow eyes, that’s where the similarity to vampires end — so no worries about fangs or bloodthirstiness! Recently, two new species of the crab were discovered in different river valleys in Indonesia: Geosesarma dennerle (lush purple with a cream color splashed on its back) and Geosesarma hagen (fiery orange). Some islands in Indonesia even have their own species of vampire crab!

Vampire Crab via Caresheet
Vampire Crabs via Caresheet

9. Ruby seadragons

Seadragons are similar to seahorses — just bigger. Until recently, scientists recognized two species of seadragons: the Leafy Seadragon (orange-ish) and the Common Seadragon (yellow and purple). However, scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego and the Western Australia Museum (WAM) were examining seadragon samples when they realized the DNA was different. So they requested the entire dragon. One look at the vibrantly red sea creature confirmed their suspicions (as well as a full CT scan later showing differing skeletal structure): it was a new species!

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