Quebec And Others Are Standing Up For Bees. Here Are 10 Reasons Why

8. How are they organized?

Just like many humans, bees have jobs. There are workers, drones, and a queen in each bee colony, and those roles are usually maintained for life.

According to the American Beekeepers Federation, a typical hive consists of

  • Queen – The fertile female of the colony and mother of the hive
  • Workers – Infertile female bees responsible for all the work of gathering and storing nectar, guarding the hive, feeding the other bees, and keeping the hive at a consistent temperature
  • Drones – Male bees with the sole purpose of mating with the queen. Many will be born, but few will get the chance to fulfill their destiny
Source: PxHere
Source: PxHere
Just like many humans, bees have jobs.

7. How Do They Pollinate Flowers?

We all know when there’s pollen in the air, as some flowering plants lend themselves to spreading the stuff more readily than others. But how do bees gather it up and bring it back to the hive?

With a few of their six legs planted firmly on a flower, bees will use their flapping wings to vibrate the blooms until their anthers release pollen.

But not every bee is up to the task.

“Only pollinators that buzz in just the right way can vibrate tiny grains out of minuscule holes at the top of the anthers for a protein-rich snack,” KQED maintains. “The strategy, called buzz-pollination, is risky. But it’s also critical to human agriculture. Tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants need wild populations of buzz pollinators, such as bumblebees, to produce fruit. Honeybees can’t do it.”

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