Thousands Of Mosquitos Swarm Together To Create A ‘Tornado’

I think that most people have either seen or have heard of the movie Sharknado. It is about a large tornado that brings sharks inland and they terrorize everyone in the area. We realize that it is not possible, but it seems a little more realistic now that a mosquito tornado has been spotted in Argentina.

The unusual phenomenon was spotted in the Buenos Aires province and reported on by Argentine media. It actually doesn’t exist as a typical sighting but is not out of the ordinary for large clouds of mosquitoes to blanket the area.

In this particular case, a heavy cloud of mosquitoes took on the appearance of a tornado.

Photo: Twitter/FelizVuelo

Since the mosquito tornado appeared along route 74, many people were able to take a video of it as they drove through the area.

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People who are reading this are probably itching about now, but this species of mosquito does not harm humans. They do gather in large masses that form a few feet from the ground.

This particular area along the Atlantic coast has seen a surge of mosquitoes recently and this unusual looking “tornado” occurred after a few days of high temperatures and rain.

Photo: Unsplash

These mosquitoes form in herds a few feet from the ground to breed. After laying eggs, they can stay in the area for up to a year until flooding occurs. When all of the right conditions come together, a large hatch may occur, which is obviously what happened in this case.

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