See If You Can Match The Armor To The Animal It Belongs To

How well do you know your armored animals? Take our quiz below and we’ll tell you!

Click the image that corresponds to the animal’s name listed at the top. Each question is worth between 0 and 3 points, depending on your number of attempts. At the end, we’ll tally your results and give you your score!

South Africa is home to the largest population of rhinos in the world. It also has the highest rate of rhino poaching, which has unfortunately reached an all time high in recent years. When these incredible animals are hunted down for their valuable ivory horns, they are usually either killed or left critically injured. Sweet Hope was one of these unlucky victims. Hope’s horn was removed along with a section of her face and she was left to die.

Luckily, Save the Survivors (STS) found Hope still alive and took her to safety. With infection already setting in, the veterinary team knew they had to move fast in order to save her life. Using cutting edge medicine and surgical techniques, STS was able to stabilize Hope, but she is still a long way from a full recovery. is working with STS to save Hope’s precious life. Her veterinary team is working tirelessly to save her, but the medical bill is steep. With your support, we can ensure she gets the treatment she needs to heal.

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