Baby Crocodiles Sound Exactly Like Space Invaders With Laser Beams

When you think of cute baby animal noises, crocodiles are hardly the first or even second thing that would come to mind. In fact, what do crocodile babies even sound like you may wonder? I always assumed that the miniature reptilian predators would be silent – much like their larger counterparts as they quietly wait for their unsuspecting prey in the water. As it turns out, little crocodiles actually do make a sound – and it’s quite entertaining as well. They sound like something out of a sci-fi film. We’ve heard of elk that sound like the Nazgul in “Lord of the Rings,” as well as seals who sound like spaceships, and now we can add baby crocodiles to the list of sci-fi sounding critters.

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Happy friday the thirteenth full harvest moon crazy epic awesomeness!!! To take the chill out of such a frightening and energetical day hahaha I will give u happy smiling babies!!! Not just any babies but some of our #cubancrocodile babies. One of last years clutch! Our interaction is phenomenal it's actually awesome! They follow me and my hand anywhere and just wanna be anywhere I am! It's a great start to a beautiful friday the thirteenth! Have an awesome day and weekend! Be safe be healthy smile and laugh and love a lot! 🐊💖💖🐊🤙!!! #babycrocsrock #crocodiles #reptilesofinstagram #awesome #life #love #reptiles #donate #thedragonwoodconservancy #nonprofit #conservation #conservancy #adorable #babyanimals #crocodilelove

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Not going to lie, I have watched this Instagram clip several times because not only is it weirdly cute, but I still am in shock that they actually make that sound.

Like I said, most of us probably wouldn’t have ever thought that crocodile babies would be capable of making any sound for a start – and least of all, that one. If anyone is looking to make a low budget sci-fi film apparently all you need is a tub full of baby crocodiles to get your sound effects from. It reminds us a bit of the 70’s game, “Space Invaders.”

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Babiesssss (well 16 months still babies 😍🤩😂🤙)!!! Happy Sunday !!! Some of our baby Cubans socializing and chilling !!! Just watch and listen to the excitement! A brother and sister family reunion 🐊💖💖🐊 watch how they interact with me and more with each other! They are as priceless as they are precious! Take a minute chill and let's smile !!! Crocodile smiles 🐊😁 love ya all be safe be healthy conserve conserve conserve!!! #crocodile #reptilesrock #babycrocsrock #love #life #crocodilesofinstagram #passion #awesome #babiesofnature #thedragonwoodconservancy #cubancrocodile #conservation #conservancy #donate #cool #savingtheendangeredoneeggatatime #babytalk # #reptilesofinstagram

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The videos were taken from Laughing Squid and then posted to Instagram by Brad Valle – who appears to be employed by Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy. Valle has been described by Dragonwood as an “incredibly dedicated and caring keeper.” His animal-handling skills are demonstrated throughout the video as he whispers little encouraging words to the reptilian babies as well as exclaims, “crocodile kisses.”

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SEA DOG has a message for you all butttttttttt since he's a tad bit busy devouring a 2nd 30lb Turkey he left me with the honors …( just because he can swallow that in 30 seconds doesn't mean he doesn't have respect when it comes to talking with food in the mouth 😂😂😂😛) !!! I finally met my Thanksgiving match wait till he has mas sweet potatoe pie or smells her ham cooking I'll fight him for it 🤣🤣😏😛🙄!!! Anyways from all of us to all of you have a safe wonderful and full tummied holiday !!! A big crocodile HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all !!! 💖🐊🐊💖 thank you to everyone who makes this possible much love!!! And to those who do not celebrate thanksgiving it's still wicked cool to see a croc eating a Turkey!! Be safe Come hangry Stuff your face With your loved ones At a special place Steady wins the race Or the couch Will become The days final resting space Sawing logs with Uncle Frank Grandpa Larry And sister Mary 😂🤙 💚🐢🦎🐸🐊🐍 #reptilesrock #saltwatercrocodile #seadogthesaltwatercroc #reptiles #crocodiles #happythanksgiving #thedragonwoodconservancy #crocodylusporosus #crocodile #awesome #donate #life #love #conservation #conservancy #nonprofit

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That sounds frighteningly adorable – especially since we all know how menacing they’ll look when they grow up.

Besides their sci-fi sounding noises, who else has been touched by the cuteness that is a hoard of baby crocodiles? I never knew they could be this adorable. What do you think of the little sounds they make? Let us know!

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