You’ll Be So Happy When This Baby Elephant Reunites With Her Mother!

When this eight-month-old elephant calf fell into a well, her mother, Zombe, was understandably upset. Thankfully, someone reported the situation to the Amboseli Trust for Elephants whose workers were able to respond to the situation in a matter of moments.

Fearing for her baby’s life, the mother elephant is seen defending her precious calf — unaware that the rescuers were there to help. After a brief standoff, the rescue team managed to get to the baby elephant and immediately worked on freeing the calf from the well.

What really makes this rescue special is the reunion between the mother elephant and her calf. Once freed, the calf and mother sprint to towards one another and embrace each other when they finally reunite.

Watch the emotional rescue and reunion in the video below!

But be sure to have some tissues with you, because you’re going to need it.

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