Baby Screech Owl Rescued From Rainstorm Finds A New Forever Home

Sometimes, wild animals need a helping hand from humans and it can mean the difference between life and death for them. Take Pinecone, for example.

The little screech owl was found on the ground in the middle of a rainstorm. Thankfully, help wasn’t far away.

Rescuers with the Cascades Raptor Center were quick to take the little orphaned bird in and help nurse him back to health:

Pinecone as an orphaned owlet, shortly after he was rescued by Cascades Raptor Center.

Posted by Oregon Zoo on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

According to the Oregon Zoo, the little bird couldn’t survive on its own in the wild so they had no choice but to keep it.

The Cascades Raptor Center ended up transferring the bird to the Oregon Zoo, where it could grow up to become an ambassador for its species.

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Pinecone’s permanent home is now at the Oregon Zoo, where he’s expected to live a full life and help educate the public on screech owls.

Photo: YouTube/Oregon Zoo

According to the Cosley Zoo, screech owls can live up to around 13 years of age, but they often die in adolescents and have high mortality rates.

Screech owls also have an excellent ability to camouflage into trees and woodlands, so Pinecone is lucky to have been spotted and found!

Photo: YouTube/Oregon Zoo

Today, Pinecone isn’t quite so little. He’s grown into a beautiful adult bird and is living his best life at the zoo.

Watch the video below:

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