19 Photos That Prove Nature Is Full Of Surprises

The world is chock full of all sorts of natural wonders. There are simply too many to count and we never tire of the surprises that nature has to offer us.

We could spend all day looking at the various wonders of the world. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at 19 of these wonders and enjoy the process of discovery together.

1. How did this baby orange find its way inside of the larger one?

Photo: _Ineption / reddit

2. We never knew that nature would be able to create tennis balls like these ones.

Photo: deepcow / reddit

3. This is one lemon that definitely knows how to stand out in the crowd.


4. A palm tree that can stroll away on its own? Now we have seen everything.

Photo: mahlerific / reddit

5. This tomato is in the process of giving birth to new seeds and we are fascinated.

Photo: 420BlazeItBushDid911 / reddit

6. The sky and the earth have finally come together as one.

Photo: plwplw / reddit

7. Double the banana, double the potassium!

Photo: myredserenity / reddit

8. It’s not a mutation, it’s beauty.

Photo: san_disco / reddit

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9. Can you imagine how tasty a bouquet that was made from these flowers would be?

Photo: _just_my_2_cents / reddit

10. Fish flesh isn’t always pink, sometimes it is bright blue.

Photo: rurlygonnasaythat / reddit

11. “This cocoon has stitched the fabric of my outdoor lounge together for protection.”

Photo: biglanga / reddit

12. We have never seen a bouquet that was made entirely of one flower before.

Photo: ZaLeeT / reddit

13. It almost looks like someone pressed “pause” during a rock skipping the competition.

Photo: moniso / reddit

14. This is one lizard who knows how to stand out from the crowd.

Photo: BlueWhiskeyDrinker / reddit

15. THAT IS ONE BIG BANANA. Forearm for scale.

Photo: clit_or_us / reddit

16. Marge Simpson has a natural doppelganger and now we just need to find her a Homer to spend time with.

Photo: APairOfBrownEyes / imgur

17. Doesn’t this piece of sea glass look just like a mini-moon?

Photo: EntropySpacex / reddit

18. The rest of the leaf may be gone, but the skeleton still remains.

Photo: Moxon88 / imgur

19. The Black Lotus.

Photo: iasmiPuppyPoster / imgur
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