Time-Lapse Shows Bird Turning An Empty Bird House Into A Cozy Nest For Her Family

A hidden camera tucked into a bird house captured the entire process of a bird turning the empty house into a cozy nest for her family!

The footage was turned into an 8-minute time-lapse that covers 46 days of nest-building and egg-laying.

In the time-lapse, you can see a Eurasian blue tit bird getting busy by bringing in bits and pieces of moss and fur. She gathers feathers and all sorts of materials to build her home.

Photo: YouTube/Live Nest Box Camera 2022 -Loughborough, UK

According to eBird, Eurasian blue tits live in wooded and forested habitats, parks, gardens, and hedges in farmland, but they also use bird houses and nest boxes when available.

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Eventually, the nest is ready and she settles in to lay eggs! It’s incredible to watch. You can see the moment she lays the eggs, and then she goes back out to fluff up her nest even more.

Photo: YouTube/Live Nest Box Camera 2022 -Loughborough, UK

It shows just how dedicated the mama bird is, but she’s actually not alone! Her partner also joins her in the nest to help parent the expected hatchlings.

Watch the time-lapse in the video below:

An update video showed that the blue tit’s eggs hatched and you can watch 21 days of footage over 21 minutes!

In the clip, you can see the moment the first egg hatches and watch as they grow and eat and prepare to leave the nest!

Photo: YouTube/Live Nest Box Camera 2022 -Loughborough, UK

The nest is quite busy with the hatchlings, and definitely more crowded. Thanks to the dedicated nesting efforts of the mama bird before the hatchlings arrive, they all remain quite comfortable and well-fed.

Check it out below:

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