Bobcat Family Takes Over Couple’s Porch With Litter Of Kittens

A couple in Allen, Texas was treated to quite a surprise when a bobcat family took over their back porch some weeks ago.

According to CBS Texas, Jim and Dale Rose first noticed a few small kittens on their porch, but they didn’t look like domestic kittens.

Photo: YouTube/CBS TEXAS

Sure enough, the kittens were actually bobcats. The couple ended up watching helplessly as a mama and her five kittens took over their patio.

Speaking with CBS Texas, Jim explained that they’ve left the family alone but hoped they could be relocated to a new area.

Photo: YouTube/CBS TEXAS

However, after calling animal control, the police department, and speaking with a game warden, they were told there was nothing that could be done.

The couples expressed their fear of getting in the mama cat’s way and also shared their fear for domestic animals in the neighborhood. Eventually, all of the kittens would start learning to hunt and any wandering dogs and cats would be at a serious risk for becoming a meal!

Photo: YouTube/CBS TEXAS

According to Allen Animal Services, officials will “not intervene when these animals are roaming their natural habitat, which includes urban environments.” It notes that animal control officers will only respond to reports about “sick, injured or unusually aggressive wildlife.”

When asked what to do about their unique situation, a game warden told the couple to use “lights, sounds, and smells” that encourage the animals to leave on their own.

You can see more in the video below:

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