Watch How Technology Is Bringing Rhinos Back From The Brink of Extinction

When we hear about species disappearing, the news is very rarely positive. We often are alerted to animals that are disappearing rapidly, or that may have disappeared altogether.

That seems to be the fate of the northern white rhino. About five years ago, Sudan, the last male living, died.

Photo: YouTube/Vital Impacts

There were still two female northern white rhino’s living, but it seemed impossible to continue with the species now that the last male was gone.

As it turns out, there may be a solution that involves the use of technology. A group of scientists known as BioRescue, feel that it is possible to continue with the species, and they want the world to know about it.

In order to continue with the species, BioRescue has created 24 embryos using the last two females alive and their eggs. They also used frozen sperm from male northern white rhinos that had already died.

Photo: YouTube/Vital Impacts

This is more than a triumph for the northern white rhino; it is an interesting story that has far-reaching implications. To tell the story, a filmmaker and photographer, Ami Vitale, has put together a documentary.

Vitale was there when the last northern white rhino male died. She took pictures of the occasion, bringing attention from an international audience to what was happening.

The new film by Vitale: “Remembering Sudan” shows the difficulties faced by the northern white rhino. She uses the caretakers’ voices, putting together a film that brings hope while also reviewing the loss.

Photo: YouTube/Vital Impacts

The hope brought out in the film comes in the form of technological advances that may allow the northern white rhino to survive. If BioRescue successfully plants the embryos into the female southern white rhinos, they will act as surrogates, and the extinction may be averted.

This is not only something that benefits the northern white rhino; more than 14,000 species are facing extinction today. Many of them may also benefit from this type of technology.

You can rent Remembering Sudan online, with all proceeds going to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, or you can check out the trailer below:

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