Accidental Viral Photo Of Clouds Looks Like Stormy Waves In The Ocean

A woman in Minnesota accidentally captured an incredible cloud formation that looks like an ocean hovering above the road!

The woman, Theresa Birgin Lucas, was driving home on Highway 64 when she noticed the storm clouds begin to form.

She didn’t pay much attention to them at first, but as she drove along, they got thicker and more intense.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Lucas shared on Facebook that her daughter was waiting at home and was worried about the incoming storm.

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Lucas wrote: “She was freaking out and wanted to know how much longer it was before I got home, so I seriously snapped that photo and said ‘I’m close to Akeley.'”


Speaking with KVRR, Lucas said that she didn’t realize what an incredible photo she’d captured until she got home and her daughter pointed it out.

“It seriously looks like the sky is going to unzip,” she told the outlet. Check out the photo below:

After sharing the photo on Facebook, it wasn’t long before it went viral and people from around the world took notice! Many people wanted to know how she captured such an incredible picture, while others thought it might be photoshopped.

In an interview with Fox 35 News, Lucas revealed that she didn’t intend to take a stunning photograph with such unique qualities. She was just hoping to ease her daughter’s mind! She said, “I was just lucky to be in the right time at the right place. Not sure why but I was!”

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