Watch Out, Superman: 12 Animals That Have Incredible Superpowers

10. The Shapeshifting Sea Cucumber

The sea cucumber looks like a shapeless mass, but it’s this shapelessness that gives the marine animal its special ability. The sea cucumber can go from a nearly liquid state to a hardened one, thanks to tiny collagen fibers known as fibrils. Should it need to evade predators, it can squeeze itself through small spaces when necessary.

Photo: Flickr/LASZLO ILYES

9. The Supercharged Electric Eel

As its name suggests, the electric eel’s superpower is electricity. It can send up to 600 volts into predators and prey. Unlike Thor, who uses a special hammer to gather lightning, the eel uses specialized cells, called electrocytes, that store electricity.

Photo: Flickr/Brian Gratwicke

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