Here Are 10 Places To See Some Of The World’s Bluest Waters

Few things are more relaxing than spending some quality time in the sun nearby a big, beautiful body of water. However, very few locations boast that picturesque, blue-and-crystalline water that somehow manages to put your mind at ease. These 10 places feature the bluest waters you can find around the world. If you’re looking for that special, exotic vacation locale, these destinations may be just what the doctor ordered.

10. Crater Lake, Oregon

Photo: Pixabay
Nestled among the Cascade Range volcanic arc and located some 6,000 feet above sea level, Crater Lake was once Mount Mazama before that volcano collapsed thousands of years ago. Now it boasts the bluest waters in the country thanks in part to its high location and deep waters that fill the caldera.

9. Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada

Photo: Pixabay
Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada compares similarly to Crater Lake. This lake also features deep blue waters and is found at an elevation of over 6,000 feet, located high in the mountains of Banff National Park. However, this lake is glacier-fed from the Peyto Glacier, contributing to its stunning jewel-tone waters.

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