Here’s How To Care For An Injured Bird Until Help Arrives!

Safety First

Always wear thick gloves while handling birds. Even a small bird can cause injuries with its sharp beak and talons. Wash your hands and arms after handling the bird.

Moving the Bird

Drape a towel over the bird’s back to calm it and gently restrain it, then lift the bird carefully. Move slowly and gently to avoid startling it, which may cause it to fight back.

Short-Term Care

Once you have caught the bird, move it to a warm, dark, quiet area while you wait for a specialist. Keep pets and children out of the area. If the bird is an adult, place a shallow bowl of water where the bird can reach it.

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Be Prepared for the Worst

Birds are delicate creatures. Even when you do everything right, they often do not survive. By following these tips, you can at least know that you gave the bird a chance. Get some helpful tips on what to do if you find a baby bird outside of its nest.

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