10 of the Most Colorful Animals in the World

8. Blue-Ringed Octopus

Photo: Flickr/Ajith Kumar
The blue-ringed octopus has, as its name suggests, bright blue rings all over its body, giving it a spotted look. This octopus looks like a flashing neon sign when it senses danger: its normally unobtrusive beige body turns bright yellow, and its blue-green rings flash, a warning to those that would harm it. If its warning goes unheeded, its bite produces a highly-toxic venom that can kill a human almost at once.

7. Parrotfish

Photo: Flickr/Neil DeMaster

The parrotfish, depending on the species, boasts turquoise, bright green, pink, blue, or orange coloring that changes as it ages. The most interesting thing about this fish, other than its beak-like mouth, is its development. Most species of this fish are sequential hermaphrodites, meaning they begin life as females and later become males toward the end. This sexual change also signals a color change.

6. Mandarinfish

Photo: Flickr/Jim Trodel
Iridescent blue scales or feathers seem to be rather popular in the animal kingdom, as the mandarinfish also boasts the bright blue color in its skin, as well as spots of bright orange and greenish-yellow. Other varieties may have pink, red, or black spots. Despite its beauty, this fish is coated in an unappetizing toxic mucus that most predators would rather do without. Its bright coloring simply warns predators that it’s unlikely to make a tasty snack.

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