Scientists Discover A Massive Crab Migration On The Ocean Floor

A marine research team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute was at the end of its expedition off the coast of Panama, when it made the breathtaking discovery.

The expedition was studying biodiversity in Hannibal Bank Seamount, a hotspot of marine life diversity.

On one of their last diving expeditions aboard the submarine, the researchers came across muddy clouds rising off the seafloor. On a closer look, they were surprised to find that the turbidity came from a completely unexpected source: thousands of crabs crawling on the sea floor like a swarm of insects!

It is believed the rich ecosystem in this region attracts all kinds of sea life, even a passing swarm of migrating crabs. The team hopes to further their studies in the future to answer all of the unknown questions that still remain. Watch the crab swarm yourself in the video below and be amazed!

Watch another video of a swarm of crabs gathering for migration on the coast of St. John.

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