This Is One Of The Most Unique And Incredible Views Of A Waterfall You Will Ever See

Waterfalls are beautiful from any angle, but this new footage gives you a very up close and personal view of one amazing waterfall in particular. Erick Augusto recently walked on a highline above the Cachoeira da Fumaca, or “Waterfall of Smoke,” in Ponte Nova, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He shot the whole thing on a GoPro, which lets you walk along with him as he performs the stunt.

Highlining, though similar in appearance to tightrope walking, is actually quite different – and a lot more dangerous. Highliners don’t use a balancing pole, and they walk at heights above the distance where one could fall safely. Thank goodness Augusto made it across the waterfall safely!

Augusto and his trusty GoPro showed us an incredible view of the Waterfall of Smoke. This aerial tour of Maui gives you another unique perspective of a tropical paradise.

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