This Gigantic Wind Turbine Is America’s Largest

It took 30 weeks for MidAmerican Energy, based in Iowa, to build the tallest wind turbine in America – but now you can watch it all happen in a mere five minutes with this incredible time-lapse video. The turbine is a whopping 557 feet tall, which makes it even taller than the Washington Monument, and weighs in at an incredible 1,200 tons. These impressive statistics means that MidAmerican will be able to provide even more homes with sustainable energy.

As inspiring as the turbine is, it is also important to consider the environmental implications of energy designated as renewable. The EU has a loose definition of biomass (as an alternative to coal) that allows the clear-cutting of American forests to provide wood pellets that European countries can then burn for fuel. Sign this petition to call on the EU’s Directorate-General for Energy to revise its policy on biomass to reverse this environmental catastrophe.

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