This Drone Captures The Most Incredible View Of Niagara Falls

Drones are amazing: they enable us to see landmarks and landscapes from a vantage point no human could ever achieve, along with being able to witness wildlife from a completely different perspective.

But when someone decides to hover one of these incredible machines over one of North America’s most iconic waterfalls, the footage turns into something that is almost pure magic.

This footage shows the power that drones have by taking you closer than ever to Niagara Falls. While drone use is now restricted in Canada’s Niagara Parks, this drone was able to capture the beauty of the Falls almost effortlessly.

Just being able to see the roaring water so up close and personal make Niagara Falls even more impressive than it already was.

Check out the video below to see just how incredible a different point of view can really be!

And if you want to get even another incredible look at a different waterfall through the GoPro lens of a highline walker as he traveled over the Cachoeira da Fumaca, or “Waterfall of Smoke,” in Ponte Nova, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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