Okay, So This Is A Friskies Commercial… But Believe Me, It’s Hilarious!

Cat and Kitten are back! For those unfamiliar with the famous “Dear Kitten” video campaigns, they are about a Cat giving daily advice to a little new feline friend. Ever since the first “Dear Kitten” video came out, it became a huge sensation and went viral on the internet, reaching over 2 million views per video.

In this video below, Cat gives out sage advice to his young counterpart about their new furry friend, who is a dog. As always, this video will surely make you laugh out loud.

Pull up a chair for yourself and your feline friend, and take a look at the video below. Even if you are not a cat fan, you will find this video hilarious!

For more funny cat videos, check out another “Dear Kitten” video of a cat explaining about the Superbowl.

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