An 18-Million-Year-Old American Icon Destroyed Forever By A Group Of Vandals

As seen on David Kalas’s video, uploaded to Twitter, a group of young men vandalized and destroyed one of the most well-known rock formations in Oregon’s Pacific City’s Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. The beloved icon was affectionately known as “Duckbill”, a sandstone pedestal overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The group of vandals are seen rocking the landmark back-and-forth, eventually causing the formation’s stem to break and sending it toppling to the ground. According to the Daily Beast, the vandals approached Kalas [the owner of the video] afterwards and tried to justify their behavior. They explained that “their buddy broke their leg earlier because of that rock,” Kalas said. “They basically told me themselves that it was a safety hazard, and that they did the world or Oregon a favor.”

Oregon State Parks authorities are investigating this heartbreaking act of vandalism. Once caught, they can face up to a $435 fine for breaking the National Park’s rules.

Watch the video below.

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