Woman Sews New Wing For Injured Butterfly

Photo: Facebook/Romy McCloskey

A woman named Romy McCloskey keeps butterflies near and dear to her heart. This is because before her mother passed away from cancer years ago, her mom told her that she’d be with her forever. Romy knows that when butterflies come around, it’s her mom coming to check in on her and letting her know that she’s doing okay.

Romy was inspired and moved by her mother’s words and decided to take caterpillars in from the outdoors and take care of them until they turned into butterflies. However, one of them had some trouble during the transformation process and came out with a broken wing. But Romy documented the entire repair process!

Photo: Facebook/Romy McCloskey

Romy decided to follow a guide she found online on how butterfly wings could be manually repaired. She grabbed her tools, consisting of a towel, scissors, tweezers, talc, contact cement, a toothpick, and the wings from an old butterfly who sadly did not get a chance at life.

First, she used a bent clothing hanger loop to steadily and harmlessly hold down the butterfly and keep it stable throughout the process.

Photo: Facebook/Romy McCloskey

Next, she cut away the damaged area of the wings. This doesn’t hurt the butterfly in any way, since it does not have nerve endings in the wings.

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Photo: Facebook/Romy McCloskey

After removing the damaged wings, she attached the prosthetic wing from the old butterfly and the procedure was all finished!

Photo: Facebook/Romy McCloskey

Romy posted a statement about the female butterfly she had lost a few days before that lent her wing to be used by this butterfly.

“I had lost a girl butterfly a few days ago. My heart broke because I thought she hadn’t gotten to fulfill her purpose in this world because she hadn’t gotten to fly outside. Funny how life shows you there’s a plan for everything. She has given a wonderful gift of flight to this little guy and gotten her chance to fly outside too!” she said.

Photo: Facebook/Romy McCloskey

After Romy checked that the wing was on, stable, and good to go, it was time to take off! The beautiful butterfly did not hold back as he took off into nature.

Romy is a costume designer and is very well-versed in embroidery, so the procedure was no big thing for her. We know her mother would be very proud.

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This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Jane Kenney.

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