Earth’s Smallest Anteater Is Quite Possibly The Cutest Animal Ever

The silky (or pygmy) anteater is the smallest extant species of anteater on the planet. They are about the size of a hamster, and at least twice as adorable.

Now compare this little cutie to the giant anteater. The giant anteater, native to South and Central Africa, can grow to be 7 feet long! Now, that’s a HUGE size difference.

But going back to the silky anteater — it has distinct, rounded claws on its front and back feet, and its tail works almost like a fifth limb.

Like other anteaters, the silky anteater can consume up to 5,000 ants in a single day, but it will also munch on other insects like beetles and termites. It spends its days sleeping in trees, and does its hunting at night.

Watch the video below to have a look at some rare footage of the silky anteater.

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