Elephant Has A “Too Close For Comfort” Encounter With A Dangerous Predator

Every animal needs water, but what happens when that precious water is inhabited by a ravenous crocodile? These predators are lying in constant wait for the next creature who dares to get close enough to the water’s edge to snatch up a meal, no matter how big that prey may be.

This lucky elephant was just minding its own business and trying to find a nice refreshing drink of water and then suddenly had a hungry crocodile attached to its trunk.

Thankfully, elephant herds are extremely protective and will do whatever it takes to save one of their own from a predator.

Unfortunately for the crocodile in the video below, he picked on something that not only is much bigger, but also has a lot of friends. Trying to hang on to this elephant’s trunk for as long as possible turned into quite the beating.

Check out the video below and watch as nature takes its course in this incredible interaction between elephant and crocodile!

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