Elephants Who Were Forced To Work For Humans Finally Get To Experience Their First Real Bath

In many countries, elephants are used for labor and are forced to work for humans in the tourism industry, whether it be giving rides to people or begging for money in the streets. In Thailand, this group of elephants were used for the latter, and never knew what it felt like to be free.

Thankfully, this herd of elephants was rescued and now enjoy life at a sanctuary. Not only have they never felt freedom before, but they also have never experienced a bath in a river before. Now that they are free, they can roam as they please and can take a dip in the relaxing water whenever they want! In the video below, you’ll see the rescued elephants experiencing the river for the first time.

They are so overjoyed by this newfound freedom. They walk right into the water and start flopping around in it, trumpeting with joy. Seeing the happiness and relief on their faces is so great. They never have to worry about being used for labor ever again!

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