Huge Elk Herd Gather Outside House In Small Town

A woman filmed a giant herd of elk that gathered outside a neighbor’s home in Gearhart, Oregon this past summer. The amazing moment began when her father was taking photos of 10 elk by their home.

She told ViralHog: “This is a local elk herd but seeing them this close together does not happen often (I’ve never seen another video or picture before). My dad had been taking pictures of a smaller group of ten elk and walked back to our house and said ‘you might want to go back out because the elk seem to be gathering.'”

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

She then walked a couple of blocks down the street with her mom and sister. That’s when they came across an even larger herd: “We were met with a line of elk 10 yards before us. They were standing side by side over the whole road around 15 wide and 10 profound.”

“It was threatening so we quickly supported up around the bend and remained behind a left vehicle. A moment later, the elk all began strolling towards us and accumulated in the front yard as found in the video.”

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

“It was very intimidating so we immediately backed up around the corner and stood behind a parked car. A minute later, the elk all started walking towards us and gathered in the front yard as seen in the video.”

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