Florida Wildlife Officers Help Bear Cub Escape From a Sticky Situation

Dish soap can be used for a few different things: Cleaning a wide range of household items, blowing bubbles, de-fogging glasses in a pinch, and… helping a bear escape? Yes, you read that right.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officer was recently called to the aid of a black bear cub that had gotten one of its back paws stuck in the crook of a tree. Realizing they could use some backup, the officer called a bear biologist to the scene to get the little guy out of this un-bear-able situation.

The cub didn’t understand that these humans weren’t the enemy, so they had to endure the threat of claws and teeth while they tried everything they could think of to get the cub out, for two hours. One wrong move, and it could have been a grizzly scene.

Among the things they tried was a nice dish soap bath for the stuck leg to see if it could then slip out. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Finally, someone in the neighborhood offered the best solution.

In an Instagram post, the MyFWC page wrote, “As a last resort, our officer found a local resident who lent the terrific twosome a chainsaw. As our biologist safely held the bear as still as possible, our officer was able to cut one of the tree limbs entrapping the cub. WHEW!”


After their help, the cub may have had polarizing views on these humans. Once it was free, the duo made sure all was well and the animal was unharmed. Then they reunited it with its mother.

Bravo to these inventive FWC staff members for their help, and bravo to dish soap that nearly added another skill to its resume.

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