Forest Regrowth Around The World Has Grown To Be The Size Of France Since 2000

Many of us will probably agree that there is no place like home. Given that Earth is our home within the universe, we really should be doing our best to save her, which means acting quickly to combat climate change.

Amid many different movements to try and save the planet have been the tireless efforts of forest regeneration.

While deforestation has been a very huge concern, there is a little glimmer of hope. Reportedly, since 2000, there has been an estimated 58.9 million hectares of natural forest regrown across the world. That is roughly the same size as France.


The report was put out by the organization, Trillion Trees, which is a joint effort between World Wildlife Fund, BirdLife International, and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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Over three decades, satellite images have monitored 29 different countries and different 13 ecoregions in search of reforestation evidence. Fortunately, there are some areas that look like they’ve got promise.


There are some good things to report, like the fact that the Chinese government has employed reforestation as a means of preventing dust storms just north-east of the city of Beijing. In Brazil, improved farming efficiency, as well as the establishment of nature preserves, have helped to regrow the forest naturally. Unfortunately, the forest is still 15% its original size.

Even though there is some good news, that doesn’t take away from the imperativeness of regrowing Earth’s forests, and that road will be a long one.

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As John Lotspeich, executive director of Trillion Trees, said, “The data show the enormous potential of natural habitats to recover when given the chance to do so. But it isn’t an excuse for any of us to wait around for it to happen.”

We still desperately need to address the issue of deforestation as it poses such a pressing threat, especially to forests like the Amazon. Even though it’s good news that we’ve been able to regrow a France-sized portion of the forest, which is capable of filtering 5.9 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide, it’s still not enough to reverse climate change. We need to do more. There is no Planet B.

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