Frogs ‘Married’ To Please The Rain Gods Are Now Getting Divorced To Stop The Heavy Downpour

You would probably be surprised if you knew all of the different religious beliefs that exist around the world. One of those beliefs has to do with gods that control everything from the rain to the wind and if you happen to be part of that religious group, you may just be interested in frogs.

It seems as if two amphibians in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, located in central India were ‘married’ by a voluntary group, Om Shiva Sewa Shakti Mandal according to the New Indian Express. They believe that marrying the frogs would please Indra, the Hindu god of rain and would cause rains to fall across the dry area. After the marriage occurred, the rainfall was a little more than anyone expected.

Members of the group were quoted as saying, “The prayers were answered within a few days as the elusive monsoon started ushering its might over Bhopal and adjoining regions. But with rain now turning destructive, another ritual of separating the frog couple before the god was performed on Wednesday with a strong hope of ending the enduring spell of destructive rain.”

The frogs enjoyed their marriage for two months but then the honeymoon abruptly ended. During the ceremony that terminated the marriage of the frogs, two Clay frogs were placed before the Shiva linga at a Shiva temple and then separated. Prayers and various rituals were taking place, signifying that the frogs were now separated and bringing an end to the marriage.

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This particular tradition has a lot of history behind it, especially in the Bundelkhand region. Interestingly, the Met department had an orange alert issued for heavy rains in 19 districts in the state. Between June 1 2019 and August 12, 2019, a 77% above normal rainfall was calculated. The Times of India reported that the frogs were married on July 19 to end the drought in the state. With a rainfall so heavy, it was actually the highest in the last 13 years by 26%.

This isn’t the only marriage between two amphibians to make the news recently. Another marriage was held in the state of Karnataka in India. Vice reported that a Hindu wedding ceremony was held by the Udupi Citizens’ Forum.

It was a traditional wedding between two frogs known as ‘Mandooka Parinaya’. The group was trying to get rid of the droughts that were plaguing the area and the frogs were even dressed for the wedding in traditional wedding attire. Nobody has yet reported if they are still married.

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