Family Rescues Frozen Pigeon That ‘Asked For Help’

Many parts of the country were experiencing frigid weather this past week, including some areas that are accustomed to the cold. This includes Omaha, Nebraska, where Kris Phillipson saw something unusual outside of his garage.

According to KETV 7, Phillipson said that a frozen pigeon was waddling up to her, and upon investigation, she could tell that the pigeon was in need of help.

At one point, the bird tried to fly but it was more of a hop, and before long, the bird was face down and struggling to survive.

Photo: Facebook / Nebraska Humane Society

Phillipson realized that the pigeon needed help, so she brought the bird inside and got him warmed up. The next day, they took the bird to the Nebraska Humane Society, and eventually, the bird was at the Nebraska Wildlife Rehab. The humane society shared a post on their Facebook page, commending Phillipson for his quick life-saving action.

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According to the news outlet, Laura Stastny, Executive Director for the Nebraska Humane Society, said that the pigeon was emaciated and near death. She said if Phillips had not found the bird and done the right thing, he would’ve died. As it is, it may take up to four weeks before the pigeon can go back to his life in the wild.

Photo: Facebook / Nebraska Humane Society

Stastny gave the advice that any time an animal comes up to you to ask for help, it’s best to get the experts involved right away. That being said, Phillipson made the right decision and took action, which saved the bird’s life.

In the end, Phillipson summed things up nicely when she said: “We traded a couple hours of our lives for hopefully a couple more years of his.”

Photo: Facebook / Kristopher Phillipson

That’s a good way to look at it.

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