One Of The World’s Largest Toy Makers, Hasbro, Is Phasing Out Plastic Packaging

Millions of animals are killed every year due to ingesting or becoming tangled in plastic – with 8 million tons of plastic waste making its way into the oceans. This is an environmental issue that needs to be addressed around the world and everyone needs to make changes to reduce plastic pollution.

Hasbro, creators of Twister, Scrabble, and Monopoly, just announced that they will begin phasing out plastic packaging starting in 2020. This is a step in the right direction to help to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world.

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Brian Goldner, Chairman and CEO, Hasbro said, “Removing plastic from our packaging is the latest advancement in our more than decade-long journey to create a more sustainable future for our business and our world.”

Photos: Facebook/Hasbro Gaming

The change will begin next year with a goal of eliminating all plastic in packaging of new products by the end of 2022. Hasbro takes pride in their commitment to environmental sustainability. In 2010, they eliminated wire ties and just recently launched a toy recycling program with TerraCycle.

Photos: Facebook/Hasbro Gaming

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John Frascotti, President and Chief Operating Officer, Hasbro stated, “We know consumers share our commitment to protecting the environment, and we want families to feel good knowing that our packaging will be virtually plastic-free, and our products can be easily recycled through our Toy Recycling Program with TerraCycle*.”

Hopefully, other companies will follow suit and eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic. Together we can make a difference.

Sign the petition below and Tell Mattel: No More Plastic Packaging.

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