Incredible Footage Of Some Very Unique Crustaceans

Haven’t you always wondered what happens beneath the heavy trees of the rainforest? Turns out, some pretty epic battles for food occur on a daily basis.

The mangrove crabs that inhabit the rainforest ground seek out tasty mangrove leaves and bring them back to their home for food. With a limited supply of leaves, it takes a great deal of stealth and commitment in order to claim these tasty tidbits as your own.

As one of the only crabs that can actually climb trees as a defense mechanism, these crustaceans are able to make their way around the incredibly dense forests in which they are found around the world.

Filmed entirely with an iPhone, this footage gives you a first hand look at the secret life of mangrove crabs. Seeing them go about their lives and trying to find food is incredibly interesting!

Check out the video below to see things extremely unique crabs going about their business on the floor of the rainforest.

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