Being Inside Of A Microburst Is Way More Intense Than You Think

Some people would say that they enjoy seeing a thunderstorm come rolling in as they watch from the safety of the back porch because of the smell, the incredible sight, and maybe even the rain itself. But other times, a surprise storm can be way more intense than we expect.

Every so often, a thunderstorm can contain a rare phenomenon called a ‘microburst,’ which is an extremely powerful downdraft.

Basically, when a microburst happens, the thunderstorm that is rolling by shoots down a concentrated burst of air and precipitation from the sky towards the ground, accompanied by extremely violent winds.

To witness a microburst in your own backyard would definitely be somewhat of a momentous occasion, and that is exactly what this man in North Carolina experienced.

As he is walking out towards his back porch, the wind starts picking up, the rain starts coming down, and then suddenly it all increases drastically in the blink of an eye!

Check out the video below so that you don’t have to go out and film it for yourself, because it actually looks incredibly dangerous!

To see what a microburst looks like coming down on top of an entire city, check out the link here.

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