QUIZ: How Much Do You Really Know About These Wild Animals!?

Did you know that Galapagos turtles live, on average, for 100 years? It’s true! And the longest-living Galapagos turtle on record lived to be 152! Maybe you’d be less surprised to know that if you also knew they can live for an entire year without food or water, thanks to their incredibly slow metabolism.

What about the fact that the gestation period of an African elephant is nearly two years—the longest of any mammal? Did you know that? Or that what is often thought of as a horn on a narwhal is actually a tooth! It is! And it’s used to sense chemical changes in the water, which allows them to find food. Also, it can grow up to 9 feet long!

The truth is, animals are often really, really strange! But in a great way, of course. And while fun facts about animals are… well, fun, they’re also vital to their protection. See, the more we know about the diverse wildlife that inhabits our earth, the more we can do to ensure it sticks around!


So, without further ado, we’d like to test your knowledge of wild animals! Take the quiz below, and make sure to let us know how you do!


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