When She Saw A Baby Squirrel Struggling To Walk Straight, She Did The Greatest Thing Possible

This baby squirrel fell from a tree and hit her head. The accident caused her to have balance issues, which meant she had trouble walking normally.

Thankfully, a woman rescued her and brought her home. She bottle-fed her and tended to her every need. She was able to nurse her back to health, but her balance issue remained. Despite her problem, she receives all the care and love in the world.

Instagram: jinxthesquirrel
Instagram: jinxthesquirrel

She was named Jinx, and just looking at her will melt your heart. She gets to snuggle with her human and gets yummy snacks to enjoy. If it weren’t for this woman, Jinx most likely would have died where she fell. But now she gets to live a happy life filled with love.

Today, she is nearly three months old and has already grown quite a bit. But she still is as cute as ever! She even gets to live with other rescue squirrels! To watch Jinx grow up, you can follow her on her Instagram page!

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