A Lake In Turkey Dried Up And Killed Thousands Of Flamingos

Thousands of flamingos have died in Turkey due to a lake bed drying up. It happened as a result of a severe and prolonged drought.

Tourists tend to come to the area of Lake Tuz because of all of the flamingos that are in the area.

Those birds would travel to the lake but, unfortunately, many of them died at the lake because of the severity of the drought.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The government has been asked to do more to protect the wildlife in the lake as the drought continued to get worse. The shallow lake could have been fed by a canal, but farmers used the water instead. Many people consider this to be an inefficient use of water for irrigation.

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According to WION, Fahri Tunc, a wildlife photographer, said: “This is the irrigation canal that comes from Konya. It needs to deliver water to Lake Tuz. As you can see, the water is not coming through. It stopped.”

Photo: YouTube/WION

He went on to call what happened a sin.

It’s not out of the ordinary for up to 10,000 chicks to hatch every year, but many of them died when the lake dried up.

According to a report in France 24, a local had gone to see the flamingos but there were none alive.

The report said that there was no water left and there wasn’t even a reflection of water when a picture was taken. Both large and small flamingos lay dead on the ground that was described as being “just like a desert.”

Photo: YouTube/WION

Bekir Pakdemirli is the Turkish agricultural minister. He doesn’t feel that agriculture is to blame and said that about 1000 birds died. In his estimation, they were just unable to fly because of the low water levels and greater salt concentration.

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