You Can Watch A LiveStream Of A Backyard ‘Bird Library’ And It’s Brilliant

Backyard birding is more than a hobby, it has become a way of life for those who are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. For those who don’t have the gumption to create a bird livestream of their own, you can always tune into the Bird Library WebCam. According to Atlas Obscure, the birdfeeder makes for a fantastic live stream because it appears as if it is a tiny library made for our feathered friends.

Rebecca Flowers is a librarian and, along with her friend and woodworker Kevin Cwalina, an inspiration took place. They built the Bird Library in 2015 in a backyard in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is no ordinary livestream where you see birds being fed, it includes bookshelves, a reception desk, and even a tiny little reading chair.

Decorations are swapped out for the seasons and, currently, the banner says “Summer Reading.” You can tell that it isn’t a real library because of the bird visitors and the birdseed all over the floor.

Many different types of birds visit the Bird Library, including cardinals, sparrows, and mourning doves. Even a squirrel will show up every once in a while just to grab a free meal.

You can check out the livestream on their YouTube page or website and they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check-in as a guest and if you are inspired, you may even want to try building something like this for yourself.

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