Man Rescues A Tiny Abandoned Egg And Hatches It Into A Beautiful Bird

One of the noblest things that a person can do is show some care and compassion towards another being that can’t give back. And that is how we get the story of a chick called Albert.

It all started when one man found a small little parakeet egg on the floor of a cage at a pet store. The female parakeet had already been sold, leaving only one male parakeet in the cage.

Without any sort of mediation, there was no way that the egg was going to survive. That is why the man made the split decision to take the egg home and care for it himself.

Photo: YouTube /A Chick Called Albert

As he explained, he figured that if he could incubate it himself, then he might be able to save it and give it a chance. He stated, “Its mother had just been sold. This meant the egg would have no chance without me giving it a try.”

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He took on the challenge whole-heartedly, but it wasn’t without some nerves. He was a little worried about his ability to raise the tiny bird if the egg survived. Still, he knew he had to try.

Photo: YouTube /A Chick Called Albert

Once the egg hatched and a little male bird emerged, his fears dissipated and were replaced with tender, loving care towards the small creature.

Caring for the baby bird meant that he took on the big responsibility of feeding the little parakeet 8 times per day in order to help it grow.

Photo: YouTube / A Chick Called Albert

Eventually, once the little bird was big enough to begin to fly, the man decided to see if he could make a family reunion happen. He returned to the pet shop, and as luck would have it, the little parakeet’s father was still there!

Photo: YouTube / A Chick Called Albert

So, the man bought him and took him home where the two parakeets were reunited and are now living in a loving, forever home. How sweet is that?

Check out the video below:

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