Monkeys Were Burned By Power Lines. Now They’re Helping Each Other Heal So They Can Return Home

These orphaned monkeys were rescued and are now helping each other heal in the greatest way.

One of the monkeys lost his arm, while the other’s face was burned. And a mom and her baby were electrocuted. All of their injuries came from power lines; uninsulated lines are common in Costa Rica and can be dangerous for animals who live high up in the trees.

Thankfully, all of these injured monkeys were rescued by Refuge for Wildlife, an organization who rescues these orphaned monkeys and raises them together as families. Once they are healthy enough, they are released back into the wild together.

Because of all the injuries, there is now an effort to insulate the country’s power lines and to create rope bridges for safe passage across roads.

The injured monkeys are learning to climb again and are getting stronger every day. Watch them in the video below:

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