A Man Sets Up His Sprinkler In The Backyard. Moments Later, A Baby Moose Comes To Play In It

After seeing a family of moose in their backyard in Alaska, Cory Williams and his wife Kristen decided to put their sprinkler on for the baby moose. Much to their surprise, the baby moose left her mom’s side and came running out of the trees to investigate the strange water spraying from the ground.

At first she was cautious and slowly put her face to the water. But just like a human child, she realized that running and sliding through it on the wet grass is a lot more fun. Watch her at 5:14! She ran around in circles over and over again, throwing herself into the sprinkler and laying on her back in excitement.

Her mom watched from the side to make sure all was well with her cute little baby. The Williams’ heard moose liked sprinklers, which is why they wanted to see for themselves if this was true. After watching the video below, you will see that it’s very much true! This baby moose is having the time of her life, and it doesn’t get much cuter than this!

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