Young Girl Donated Her “Most Precious” Rock to a Museum, Where It Is Now Treasured and Admired

Why collect rocks? Are they not among the most common objects to find in this world?

Of course, if it’s a meteorite, best to keep it or even sell it. Fine minerals covet high prices too. But just an ordinary rock? It’s hardly a treasure, right?

But this girl, after visiting Poole Museum, made the decision to donate her favorite rock. A Goethite. And we think nothing could be more precious.

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The young girl’s name is Bethan, and her donated rock became known as Bethan’s Rock. Bethan wanted to share the joy her rock had brought her and arouse public interest in such geological formations, which take thousands and thousands of years to be created naturally.

Bethan’s Rock is the pride of Poole Museum, where it is displayed behind glass for everyone to see and to remember that rocks are everywhere for our benefit.

The plaque next to Bethan’s rock at Poole Museum reads:

On 23rd August 2019, Bethan visited Poole Museum.

After talking with her mum about what museums do, Bethan decided she wanted to donate her “most precious” rock to the museum.

She asked that we put it behind glass and look after it, so that everyone could see and enjoy it.

We think Bethan’s donation of not just any stone but rather the best rock she had in her collection is incredibly noble and an example to the rest of us. She gave the best of what she had so that the rest of the world would not have to go without it.

May this child’s selfless donation be a reminder to us all to share and appreciate what we have.

Written by Doris De Luna

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