Scientists Have Discovered An Ancient City In The Middle Of The Ocean

When people think of ancient lost cities in the ocean, the first thought that comes to mind is always Atlantis, the famous mythological city that is always pictured as functioning at the bottom of the sea.

But in reality, there are actually cities that are being found in extremely remote areas that are far away from any of the major continents of our planet.

And now, archaeologists have discovered one such ancient city of the coast of a remote island in Micronesia, a country spread out over 600 different island in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

YouTube/Science Channel
YouTube/Science Channel

When satellite images came back from the area, it was discovered that there were square-like structures that resembled ancient buildings. These pictures gave archaeologists the first clue that there was actually people who inhabited the area at one point in time.

The island state of Pohnpei, on which the structures are located, is 2,500 miles away from Los Angeles, and 1,600 miles from Australia, making it extremely remote. But as these newly discovered structures were revealed, it has been determined that an ancient race of people lived and thrived in the middle of the ocean.

YouTube/Science Channel
YouTube/Science Channel

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However, there is almost nothing known about who these people were or why they were there.

“Why would somebody build a city out in the middle of the ocean?” said archaeologist Patrick Hunt. “Why here, so far away from any other known civilization?”

The satellite images revealed 97 individual block-like structures that are separated from small channels of water, but it is only until people actually went to the area to see the structures for themselves that uncovered how amazing the city really was.

YouTube/Science Channel
YouTube/Science Channel

“As amazing as this sight appears from satellite imagery, coming down to ground level, it’s even more astounding,” said archaeologist Karen Bellinger.

But what makes things even more confusing for people researching the area is how the local people react to it.

The name for the ancient city is Nan Madol, which, in local language, means “the space in between.” This name is likely a reference to all of the small canals that run between all of the tiny islands and structures, but it also has a deep history of being haunted.

So far, there is still to be learned about not only Nan Madol itself, but also the people who once lived there.

To learn more about this incredible mystery city, check out the video below!

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