Watch As This Enormous Tornado Rips Through NASA’s Michoud Facility

Tornadoes can be some of the most devastating natural occurrences that happen on land, even for facilities that seem like they would hold up under the most intense weather conditions.

Even at the bottom of the severe scale for these destructive weather phenomenons, an F3 category tornado, which is only halfway up the scale, can have wind speeds exceeding 200 MPH. When you get to the most serious category of F5, those winds increase to well over 300 MPH.

For NASA’s Michoud facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, they experienced an extremely scary situation when a massive tornado ripped through the area and did significant damage to the building.

Luckily, only five people came away with minor injuries.

During that particular time, it was reported that seven different tornadoes were actually spotted in the state, so NASA definitely got lucky they didn’t see more damage.

Check out the incredible footage below.

Source: NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility Impacted by Tornado by relaxonline on Rumble

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