You Can Visit Any National Park For Free On September 28 And Volunteer To Help Maintain It

September tends to be a fairly busy month so by the time October rolls around, most of us are ready for a break. As it turns out, you don’t even have to wait until October this year because you can enjoy any of the National Parks in the United States on Saturday, September 28 for free. It is in celebration of National Public Lands Day.

The fourth Saturday of every September since 1994 has been the anniversary of this holiday according to the National Park Service. It is also the day when we see the biggest volunteer effort in the United States. You need to make the choice if you are going to volunteer along with the rest of them or just enjoy a one day park pass for free. In either case, you’ll get a free pass but if you volunteer on September 28, the pass will be for another day of your choosing. Some of the different opportunities for volunteering include removal of invasive plants, trail restoration, and park cleanups. You can look at the National Park Service website to get the details by state, park or event.

Not everybody has their National Public Lands Day plans picked out so you may want to check the flow chart below to help you make your decision. It is provided by the National Park Service and you might be surprised with the number of opportunities available to you.


Over 400 areas within the United States are operated by the National Park Service. Many people are surprised to learn that some of the parks within those operated by the National Park Service are not actually parks. These include various monuments, such as Alcatraz Island and the Statue of Liberty. If you are looking for any of the parks that they operate, you can always check the interactive map on their website.

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If you happen to miss the September 28 free admission day, you can also enjoy free entrance into the National Parks on Veterans Day, November 11.

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