Third-Grade Student From Mexico Wins Nuclear Sciences Prize For Her Brilliant Invention

UNAM’s Institute of Nuclear Sciences is honoring 8-year-old Xóchitl Guadalupe Cruz for her incredible idea – as she can now be counted as one of the youngest inventors whose idea can be a major help to poor countries.

Xóchitl created a solar-powered device that heats water. The young genius used recycled materials for her entire construction and is very useful for low-income families.

People in Chiapas, Mexico use wood in order to heat up their water – something that proves really difficult when the temperatures go low.

The third-grade student has been a regular visitor of science fairs. She used empty bottles, wood, and plastic in order to bring her water heater idea to life. The invention is excellent for those people who are unable to afford expensive heaters.

Xóchitl’s heater is simple enough and has two glass doors, outlet hoses linked with the boats, a hose that’s linked to the water tank, and bottles.

There are many who are in agreement that Xóchitl’s invention would be great assistance to all those around the world who are poor. Xóchitl’s family has already installed her heater on the roof of their home.

If companies accept this invention, not only will we be helping people across the globe, but it would be great at helping to control climate changes and protect forests. There are millions of people who are unable to afford a regular water heater, and instead, turn to logs to warm their water – but all that will change thanks to this incredible young girl.

Not only did Xóchitl impress the panel at UNAM, but her parents are incredibly proud of her accomplishment. Her mother, Alma Lopez Gomez, stated that they were honored to listen to all the wonderful things that people were saying about their daughter.

Heating water can be very expensive in rural areas, and that isn’t the only problem associated with it. Locals often cut down trees in order to heat up their water, and this is what is causing a major problem.

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One of global warming’s top causes is deforestation. We can only hope that moving forward, other young inventors will take a note from Xóchitl’s example, and develop other environmentally sustainable projects. What an incredible young woman Xochitl is, we hope she goes far in life with her inventions.

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