Romp of Otters Defends Cubs Against Caiman

I think most of us would agree: otters are pretty darn adorable. From the way they eat with their food on their furry little bellies, to the way they play with found objects. Then there’s that really cute thing they do where they hold hands while they sleep to prevent themselves from drifting apart.

Cute otter greets visitors in traditional asian style with both hands together
Cute otter greets visitors in traditional asian style with both hands together

They also look so stinkin’ cute flipping around in the water.

Oh, and I recently learned that some otters suck on their tails while they sleep.

See. Really, really cute.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/belizar
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/belizar

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But even with all that cuteness, they have moments that cast them as something other than sweet, playful critters. Take the interaction they have with caiman in the video below, for example.

A caiman has recently threatened one of his cubs, and Diablo and his romp (or otter family), are quick to come to her defense. The adults of the group begin harassing the caiman.

Given the seemingly cuddly nature of otters, we’re so surprised by what happens next! Take a look!


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