Police Officer Does A Mating Call To Lure An Escaped Peacock Back To The Zoo

It’s a colorful job being a police officer – no day is ever the same. And one Boston police officer had an interesting day when he managed to track down and lure an escaped peacock back to the zoo. How did he lure it back? By using his phone to play a peacock mating call!

The police officer was one of a few officers out on patrol in Boston’s Roxbury area, when they were approached by someone telling them that there was an escaped zoo animal. When they went to investigate, they found that it was a giant peacock.

As the Boston Police Department described it, their officers “were met by an extremely large, slightly intimidating, and quite beautiful, male peacock.”

The peacock turned out to be Snowbank. He’s been living in at the Franklin Park Zoo since 2013. Snowbank is actually one of four peacocks at the Franklin Park Zoo.

A zoo spokesperson said according to CNN, “The peacocks at Franklin Park Zoo are free-roaming, and while they typically wander throughout the zoo, it is currently mating season, and it’s possible he ventured out looking for love in search of a peahen (female peacock).”

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While Snowbank fell for the ruse of the mating call on the officer’s phone, the idea was actually a result of quick thinking on the officer’s part.

Snowbank actually made his great escape in an attempt to find love. We imagine quarantine at the zoo can also be a bit boring and lonely – no wonder Snowbank wanted to plan himself an escape.

Department Issued Phone Comes in Handy as Officers Use Mating Call to Capture Escaped Peacock from the Franklin Park…

Posted by Boston Police Department (Official) on Monday, May 11, 2020

After the incident, the zoo spokesperson put out a statement, saying, “Upon learning of the peacock’s adventure, our animal care team at the zoo worked quickly with the Boston Police Department and Animal Control to recover the peacock, and we’re happy to report he is now back at the zoo and doing well.”

The statement added, “We appreciate everyone’s help in bringing him back home, and we look forward to welcoming guests back to the zoo to see these beautiful birds in person soon.”

The story had a happy ending, as Snowbank is now back at home in the zoo, safe. All’s well that ends well.

But, hopefully Snowbank will eventually find that love that he went out searching for.

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