Scientists Spot Rare “Spiky Crab” During Caribbean Deep Sea Expedition

An incredible video shows a rare “spiky crab” that was discovered deep below the surface of the Caribbean.

The video was filmed by EV Nautilus near the Noroit Seamount, Anegada Passage, in the Eastern Caribbean.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Milenioscuro License: CC BY-SA 3.0

According to its website, the Nautilus is an exploration ship that uses remote operated vehicles (ROV) to explore parts of the ocean the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean that remain otherwise inaccessible to humans.

Back in 2014, EV Nautilus shared a video featuring the spikey crab. In the clip, they said, “So, this is the second time we’ve seen this type of crab.”

Photo: YouTube/EVNautilus

In the video, they joke about different ways they could catch the crab to kill and study it, but ultimately decide against sucking it up or crushing it with a claw.

In a press release, however, scientists confirmed that they did catch the elusive and rare “pink spiky crab.”

Photo: YouTube/EVNautilus

In fact, in the press release, one of the expedition’s lead scientists, Amanda Demopoulos, said the “pink spiky crab” (formally referred to as the Neolithodes sp) was her favorite sample on the cruise because it proved challenging to catch.

You can see the incredible crab and other discoveries made in the video below. (Note: the spiky crab first appears in the video at 3:46).

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